Gustav Mahlerplein 3, 26th floor 
1082 MS Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 
PO box 75926, 1070 AX Amsterdam

Candriam Dutch Branch is since 2004 on the Dutch market focusing on end investors (pension funds,insurers,..) and distributors.
We currently have three relationships managers.

Drawing on its long experience in global equity, fixed income investments and dynamic asset allocation, Candriam Investors Group offers clients a wide range of alpha-generating products and adapted investment solutions.

As a pioneer in Sustainable & Responsible Investments (SRI) and with a long-time authority in Emerging Market Investments, Candriam Investors Group offers clients innovation and genuine diversification.

Candriam Investors Group is as well European leader in regulated alternative investments, covering a broad range of single strategies and multi-management (including fund of Hedge funds).

CANDRIAM also offers to institutional investors LDI strategies defined in terms of two drivers:

  • Risk-reducing / liability-matching: Reducing the relative risk of the assets portfolio relative to the liabilities (mainly hedging interest rate/duration and inflation risk);
  • Return-seeking / surplus-generating: Generating a return beyond simple liabilities matching in order to improve long-term funding levels and to create a surplus to face unanticipated changes in liabilities.

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