As a company, we are not only the stewards of over €158bn of our clients’ wealth, but through the management of their investment portfolio, we also have the responsibility to accompany them in their own long-term growth.

We aspire to be a leader in our industry, to continue to drive change, to innovate, and of course to grow; but critically to do so by making responsible choices and taking decisions based on the facts of today as well as the potential impact on tomorrow.

Achieving this means continually sharpening our investment processes through research and development, engineering tailored investment solutions for individuals and institutions the world over, empowering our clients, by relying on our expert teams, to make wise decisions; and continually allocating our investment capital in a way that maximizes sustainable returns and positive impacts on society as a whole.

As CEO of an asset management group, I am not only committed to building on the twenty-year long heritage of Candriam, but also to ensuring that the recent upward trajectory in the general awareness and acceptance of sustainable investing continues apace in spite of the challenges that may lay ahead.

My vision on financial services and, in particular, on asset management, is that our future should be one of Conviction and Responsibility.

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé
CEO, Candriam
Chairman, New York Life Investments International